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Murcha Film is an independent production company based in Turin, Italy.

It was been founded by Aluk Amiri in 2016 as a bridge production company between Asia and Europe.

Murcha in Persian means "ant" referring to an old legend about the Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur. It tells that when everything was lost, he saw this small insect that, after several attempts, managed to climb a wall with a grain of rice that was at least twice its size, and inspired by it, he took the straight and determination to fight and triumph.

Our production company is like a big community of ants that work very hard with perseverance and determination independently and together to tell stories.

Murcha film produces fiction, documentary, series and short movies about untold parts of the world.


Aluk Amiri

Founder & CEO

Born in Afghanistan, based in Italy since 2006. Graduated in Cinema at Scuola Holden. In 2012 he co-directed the documentary Welcome to Italy. In 2016 Aluk founded MURCHA Film. In 2019 he produced Kyo, by Andrea Tomaselli. He attended in 2019 at TFL EXTENDED, with project HINDU KUSH. His two short films In the Dreams of My Little Dreams (2008) and Looking for a Home (2009) have been screened at Venice IFF at the Premio Città di Venezia section. He won the jury prize Sguardo Altro twice at the Mestre IFF, with the short films Happy Birthday (2012) and Looking for a Home.

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Francesco Merlino


Francesco work as a writer of criticism and fiction. Some of his essays and short stories are published by magazines such as "Segnocinema", "Neutopia" and "Retabloid". He studies Economics and History of Art and gradueted in creative writing at Scuola Holden.

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